Xeppo pulls together client information from a wide range of applications.


Drag and drop your provider revenue statements into Feezily for simple, easy, and fast automatic provider file format detection and processing. When all of your revenue statements for the current … Continued

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If your practice uses esignature tool DocuSign, you can integrate your electronic signature process with Xeppo’s Document Automation process to send, sign and store your client documents automatically for a … Continued

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Microsoft Power BI

Unlock powerful business intelligence with Xeppo Insights, powered by Microsoft Power BI and Xeppo. Gain interactive visualizations and business insights in a easy to use dashboard and access ready-made reporting … Continued

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Microsoft SharePoint

Get your document management under control and improve business efficiency like never before with Xeppo’s SharePoint integration. A valuable feature in Xeppo’s Business Management toolkit that will allow you to … Continued

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