Sales App

Know your prospects intimately.

Turn more leads into clients.

Never let a lead slip through the cracks again. Capture new prospects data, understand your market on a deeper level, and identify more opportunities. Optimise your sales processes with data that helps you better connect with potential clients.

Monitor your leads and opportunity pipeline, sources, and referrals. Gain deeper reporting insights with an integration with Microsoft Power BI using Xeppo Insights to create your own tailored report or access a ready-made template!

Gain sales with powerful insights

Unlock opportunities within your existing data in the Sales App. Xeppo brings together years of information about clients and leads to support more strategic sales decision-making.

Quickly spot revenue opportunities, lead sources you hadn’t yet considered, and surprising new client segments.

Manage leads

Get a richly detailed bird’s eye view about every lead. Easily track and qualify prospects to Xeppo’s CRM with the Sales App. Understand their motivations, pain points, how they think, and what they’re looking for.

Manage leads in Xeppo's Sales App
Automate sales process with Xeppo

Automate processes

Kick-off a project once a lead is qualified. Set the tone with responsive communications. Start building trust from the first contact. Save time onboarding potential new clients

Visual dashboards

Enjoy your data presented visually. Easily view and interpret your sales pipeline. Customise the view to engage with your data in idea-provoking ways. No more clunky spreadsheets or having to locate information from multiple places.

Enjoy your data presented visually. Easily view and interpret your sales pipeline.
Set automated rules to generate potential opportunity records on a continual basis.

Automated ‘rules’

Set automated rules to generate potential opportunity records on a continual basis. Maximise every inquiry and generate data to form real-time insights of buyer personas. 

The Sales App for financial and accounting service practices

We’re real people with financial roots located in Adelaide, dedicated to helping you elevate your practice with powerful insights.  

What our clients are saying

For a professional services firm to deliver on the client promise, information is key. If you don’t have easily accessible, accurate information you are flying blind. For us it has been like a blindfold has been removed.

Aubrey Roga, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
Scholten Collins McKissock

Xeppo has allowed us to generate opportunities across our entire client database to increase the uptake of all services offered by the business.

Ian Bowrey, Chief Financial Officer
My Fortress

Xeppo was one of the biggest changes for us in terms of business efficiency and business profitability, with much better outcomes than our previous CRM system. This has been the most significant outcome for our business

Caitlin-Archard Farry, Operations Manager
Henderson Matusch

The main benefit of implementing Xeppo is understanding what’s happening in our business so we can focus on the day-to-day. Now we’ve got a very good process to give us an overview to see what’s on everyone’s workload. We recommend Xeppo because it’s quite flexible once you understand what it can do.

Mike Jeffs, Senior Adviser & Director
Strategic Wealth

I would recommend Xeppo because it is easy to use and keeps surprising you on how much it can do for your business. Xeppo is recognised as a steady and reliable system that is constantly developing and living up to the vision of achieving goals on their roadmap.

Jasmin Loke, National Compliance, Operations and AFSL Manager
Wealth Market

If you want to look to the future for a fully integrated tech stack that links in to all your other systems to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. You got to use Xeppo, it's as simple as that!

Graeme Hyland, General Manager

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