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Xeppo gives you the ability to simply manage client relationships and drive business opportunities.

Features to help you know, run and grow your business


Gain a deeper understanding of each client by seeing their full financial picture

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Streamline business processes with powerful CRM functionality

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Identify and fulfil business leads and opportunities for growth

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Organises data

The Xeppo system has auto-matching and auto-grouping capabilities, meaning the system will look to automatically link client records, group (relationship) data and other information.

Xeppo auto-matches on average 70-85% of all data processed by Xeppo, creating efficiencies that save you time and money.

Xeppo - Organises data

Single view of clients

Xeppo continually collects information from multiple sources – both external and internal systems – and brings them together into a single view of a client. This information can then be used in a range of ways – to add value to clients, identify business development opportunities for the firm or manage relationships through CRMs. View Xeppo’s simple and easy to use client dashboard:

Xeppo - Single view of clients

Collates data from multiple sources

Xeppo connects and collects information from a wide range of financial services based cloud and on-premise applications. It not only sources the data, but keeps it up-to-date so you always have the latest information at hand. This information can be used to manage relationships through the Xeppo CRM, or your CRM connected to Xeppo. View our connectivity list here.

Xeppo - Collates data from multiple sources

Manages relationships with ease

As well as giving you unparalleled vision over your clients’ financial position, Xeppo can also be used to manage relationships with clients through the CRM function.

If you already have a CRM, it can be connected to Xeppo to give you the power to manage relationships and streamline your business processes. The Xeppo Marketing App has been designed to help you to build and maintain stronger relationships with clients through regular communication. Xeppo enables you to easily create marketing lists which are pushed out through automated communication tool, MailChimp.

Xeppo - Manages relationships with ease

Drives new business

Xeppo can also push the collected and consolidated data to other business systems, such as sales and marketing CRMs or analytics tools, enabling you to better manage client relationships and develop business.

The Xeppo Sales App is a plug-in that’s been specifically created to leverage data to identify business leads, opportunities and track them through the pipeline.

Xeppo - Drives new business

Secure and accessible

Hosted in Microsoft’s Azure environment, all of Xeppo’s services are provided through institutional-grade cloud-based infrastructure located in Australia, giving you peace of mind your data is safe, secure, and accessible.

Our security and risk management protocols, including data encryption and regular security scans, ensure the highest level of data safety.

Within your business, Xeppo administrators have the ability to implement security rules to restrict access and capabilities to the right people.

Xeppo - Secure and accessible


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