Integration with AdviserLogic and PayLogic

Australian FinTech company, Xeppo, announces a strategic alliance with Morningstar’s AdviserLogic and PayLogic – opening two software platforms that previously operated in silos.

To capture all of a client’s financial moving parts, Xeppo has continually expanded external connections. The latest affiliation empowers financial services and accounting businesses to seamlessly integrate client data from AdviserLogic and PayLogic for greater fluidity across reporting, marketing, and CRM initiatives.

By opening data sources across the industry, businesses enjoy efficiency gains and stronger client relationships. For integrated practices who’ve been sitting across various software, this is an opportunity to aggregate data into Xeppo and unlock new opportunities.

“Licensees are looking to offer practices flexibility in the choice of their advice technology provider, but they still need to streamline their monitoring and supervision obligations”, says Ivon Gower, Director of Financial Planning Product, Morningstar.

“This collaboration enables us to help licensees access the data they need to support their firms, while offering engaging and intuitive solutions for advisers and their clients at a practice level.”

Automated into Xeppo, the connection unites all the valuable client data into one central dashboard to help identify opportunities and implement a whole of business reporting. Current users of AdviserLogic and PayLogic can now integrate into Xeppo and schedule reports overnight.

“With the connectivity to AdviserLogic and PayLogic, we can now offer more opportunities to create a single client view across a group or practices various data systems. It gives great choice and flexibility for all”, says Paul Campbell, Managing Director of Xeppo.

The AdviserLogic and PayLogic integrations are now available by request to all Xeppo customers. To find out more, email