Client Case Study with TWD

Graeme Hyland, TWD’s General Manager, knew the arduous, manual processes in his nearly 50-year career wasn’t going to support their national expansion plans. His team needed a fully integrated tech stack to manage the business more efficiently and effectively. Enter Xeppo.

How TWD was operating before Xeppo

Before upgrading to Xeppo, TWD used Xplan tasks and threads, as well as checklists. “We had a checklist for a checklist,” Graeme said.

From the initial client consultation through progress meetings, and all tasks in between, every process within the business was recorded in a checklist. It was an old, redundant workflow that wasn’t working. They needed a more agile system that wouldn’t interrupt the client experience. To uncomplicate all the current processes and create a more efficient system to future-proof the business.

Xeppo’s connectivity capabilities stood out to Graeme when he was exploring alternative financial technology options. The technology links with Xplan, Commpay, Xero, MYOB, NetWealth, SharePoint, and more.

TWD’s ultimate goal was to simplify all current processes and get everyone working the same way. Only smarter.

The transition to Xeppo

TWD set up Xeppo’s CRM and tasks, then integrate into Commpay for the management and reporting of the client revenue. Following this, they implemented the FDS app to complete them on time and used the reporting functionality to maintain compliance.

In time, the team replaced threads with Xeppo Projects, tracked leads and opportunities through the Sales App, and now link into Power BI for high-end reporting and measuring KPIs.

Developing the Statement of Advice (SOA), for example, incorporated key steps to track, examine and assign time metrics in order to best determine performance and areas for improvement.

With additional insights from Xeppo’s Activity app that the practice implemented during the switch to remote working, TWD management now understands how long each task takes, improving current processes, and reviewing it against the tracked records.

Data, a key to compliance

Siloed processes aren’t easy to locate, or make sense of, if regulators come knocking on the door. Graeme and the team realised just how critical data is to satisfy the compliance side of the business, so consolidating and centralising their data was a driving force behind TWD’s transition to Xeppo.

“We needed to have all the files notes, interactions, information, tasks, document storage, all recorded on Xeppo, and a workflow that supports this.” Systemising this through Xeppo was an important milestone.

TWD today, operating with Xeppo

The team are in the process of reviewing every single activity, task, and workflow in their backend, and implementing into Xeppo in parallel with Netwealth.

This is the level of efficiency required to pursue the national expansion plan. “To continue to grow our business, without having to put on additional resources.”

“We now have a clear onboarding process for new staff joining the business, which we never had before. Thanks to Xeppo, we’re noticing savings across the board – on Xplan licenses, managing advisors and taking on new business.”

To TWD, Xeppo isn’t just an intelligent CRM, it’s their biggest competitive advantage.  Graeme Hyland summarises his thoughts on Xeppo.

“If you want to look to the future for a fully integrated tech stack that links in to all your other systems to manage your business more efficiently and effectively. You got to use Xeppo, it’s as simple as that!”.