Client Case Study with Henderson Matusch

Xeppo was launched to streamline client data and create a modern, industry-leading tool for the Financial and Accounting sector. Our platform allows users to integrate a wide range of software, combine different streams of client data, and see a top-down view of client data on one dashboard. However, it isn’t good enough for us to tell you the benefits of our software technology tool – we’re going to let a Xeppo user tell you instead.

Henderson Matusch, a Financial Planning firm specialising in Wealth Creation, Home Loans, Investments, and Insurance, has been using Xeppo since 2019.

Their Operations Manager, Caitlin Archard-Farry shares her experience with implementing all of Xeppo’s Apps in their practice. Exploring her thoughts on what initially attracted her to Xeppo and how the platform has helped improve business efficiency.

Why Choose Xeppo?

Before the switch to Xeppo, Henderson Matusch used Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their own proprietary Financial Planning CRM system. However, an IT development project in 2018 led the company to dramatically alter their internal IT systems and switch their internal CRM to an externally managed system.

After exploring what the market had to offer, Henderson Matusch settled on Xeppo and implemented in 2019.

As Operations Manager for Henderson Matusch, Caitlin was clear that the user-friendly focus of Xeppo was a huge timesaver for the business. The software technology was designed in a “logical”, intuitive manner that allowed for a simplified and streamlined data stream across a diverse and varied client base. Caitlin added that, “Xeppo was one of the biggest changes for us in terms of business efficiency and business profitability, with much better outcomes than our previous CRM system. This has been the most significant outcome for our business.”

In addition to the user-friendly experience, Caitlin was impressed with Xeppo’s ability to connect with a wide range of software and share client data across the board. For Caitlin specifically, the ability to connect and easily share data across Xplan, Power BI, and Moneysoft allowed the company to operate more efficiently. Caitlin said that “we knew we needed something to connect with Xplan and we needed a solution for our cash flow management, so we really wanted something that would bring everything together… it was clear that this was Xeppo.”

For Henderson Matusch, the Xeppo experience streamlined a previously complicated process into one easy to digest app that offered a top-down view of all their client’s financial data in one dashboard. Caitlin specifically highlighted Xeppo’s revenue reporting feature as one of the standout features in the financial planning tool, saying “it’s a lot easier to get reports from Xeppo than from other platforms that I’ve experienced… reporting is something that Xeppo strives to do in a simple way.”

Caitlin was particularly impressed with Xeppo’s integration with Moneysoft. As Henderson Matusch needed a reliable cash flow management system to help their clients reach their financial goals, Moneysoft integration allowed the company to move away from their own, inbuilt cash flow management system. Caitlin explains that, “cash flow management is the foundation of our business and having Moneysoft connected with Xeppo is really important, so having a clear dashboard view with Moneysoft was a requirement for us and it works really well”.

Were there any challenges switching to Xeppo’s CRM Software for Financial Planners?

Henderson Matusch is a procedure-driven business, and they wanted to bring their procedures over to Xeppo and transfer their data. Talking about the switch, Caitlin said “Switching was a huge learning curve and a big cultural shift, but [the operations team] could see the benefits that Xeppo would provide us, and we could see the future”.

As switching CRM is a particularly big project, there were some friction points when the 37-strong team at Henderson Matusch switched from their own CRM to Xeppo’s software. As their old CRM for Accountants was proprietary, any changes were made in-house but this wasn’t the case after the changeover to Xeppo. Caitlin said that, while Xeppo was a challenging project for team members to learn, the support from Xeppo made the switch easier:
“It was a challenge to learn Xeppo for our existing team, but there was a lot of training provided that made a huge difference. We learned a lot on the support and training provided by Xeppo to train team members.”

While the implementation of Xeppo was a huge project for Henderson Matusch, the in-depth support offered by Xeppo allowed for this switch to be carried out with as little friction as possible, much to the delight of Caitlin and her operations team.

How has Xeppo Improved your Financial Planning Customer Relationship System?

The ever-changing world of Financial Planning can result in headaches for those working in the Financial Planning sector, with Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS) being particularly time consuming for Henderson Matusch. However, due to Xeppo’s inbuilt FDS app (now the Assent App), Henderson Matusch started to see their FDS obligations as less of a chore.

According to Caitlin, the FDS app allows the team to “complete their FDS obligations three times faster” than previously. Not only is this a big timesaver, but it also made the task seem more manageable to meet regulatory obligations.

While Xeppo already has a wide array of apps available, the ability to constantly update is vital for the Financial Planning sector. New requirements and obligations are introduced on an almost yearly basis, so it’s essential that any Financial Planning tool is capable of meeting these new requirements. As their CRM software is no longer an internal IT issue, Henderson Matusch no longer has to worry about updating their system to meet these demands.

In addition to the ever-changing requirements of the Financial Planning sector, the impact of COVID-19 coincided with Henderson Matusch’s switch to a cloud-based work process, a change that was enabled and made possible by Xeppo. Caitlin said that this switch to the cloud fundamentally changed Henderson Matusch’s work processes and how they interacted with clients. This change in process gave the business a huge boost in terms of efficiency, with Caitlin going on to say that the Xeppo software has “really enhanced the workflow process for us”.

Xeppo was built to streamline data processes and make it easier for those working in the Financial Planning sector to manage different streams of client data. In terms of visible improvement, Caitlin said that switching to Xeppo allowed Henderson Matusch to remove its reliance on internal IT support and the need to maintain a software system. This allowed the company to streamline its own work process and improve efficiency. Caitlin even went on to say that Henderson Matusch:
“would recommend Xeppo to Financial Planning practices that would like to streamline their processes, to create more efficiency in their administrative obligations, and to ensure they’re working with software that will continue to develop. Xeppo has changed a lot over the past three years and being in a partnership with a platform that continues to invest in efficiency is a huge win for us”.

To see our software deployed so successfully by Caitlin and the Operations Team at Henderson Matusch is a fantastic sight.

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