Moneysoft App

Connect your clients Personal Finances directly into Xeppo!

The Moneysoft App allows your Clients to add their personal banking, investment and property details direclty via the Xeppo Portal.

Deliver a single online portal for you and your clients to view and manage all their financial affairs.

Key features include the ability to update balances nightly of :

  • Bank Account balances
  • Credit Cards
  • Property valuations
  • Industry Super Funds
  • Managed investment

Moneysoft App Licensing is per Xeppo Client where Moneysoft has been activated. This fee covers the cost of licensing from Moneysoft.

Licensing packs include Moneysoft Lite licence. Xeppo has obtained enterprise rates which provide competitive rates as outlined below.

Moneysoft App Licensing Packs Monthly Licensing Fee (ex GST)
5 License Pack $32.50
10 License Pack $65.00
25 License Pack $162.50
50 License Pack $300.00
100 License Pack $550.00
Enterprise Call


  • You will also need to activate the Xeppo Moneysoft Connector to perform the nightly updates from Moneysoft into Xeppo($100 per month).
  • App licensing is available without Moneysoft Lite bundled at $1 per active client per month. This is relevant if you already subscribe to Moneysoft or wish to purchase the full version of Moneysoft direct.

Terms of Service

By subscribing to the Moneysoft App you are also agreeing to abide by the standard Moneysoft Terms of service.

These are available via the Moneysoft web site.

Moneysoft Privacy Policy

Their Privacy policy is also available at the following link

This video provides an overview of how the Client Portal works using Moneysoft.