Matching & Grouping

For the first time you will have a single view of your clients across all of your key systems.

Xeppo does this in seconds!

The opportunities this unlocks are endless! Just see what’s possible.

Client Matching 

Auto Matching

To minimise any overhead, Xeppo has developed auto-matching capabilities, meaning that the system will, wherever possible, look to automatically link client records across the Applications.

Xeppo even looks at policy information to try and match commission data to related client entities.

Xeppo auto-matches on average 70-85% of all data processed by Xeppo. This means bringing your data together has never been easier or more efficient.

Matching Wizard

For those records where Xeppo is not 100% sure, we have matching tools for you to review potential matches and act accordingly.

Matching Analysis

We also have review tools to analyse and review client matches and ensure they are correct.

Admin tools

We also give you a range of Admin tools to remove or change matches.


All auto matches are logged so you can key an eye on things.

Client Grouping

Auto Grouping

Xeppo has a sophisticated Grouping algorithm that will use all grouping (relationship) data from source systems to form Groups within Xeppo,

Group Review

Xeppo also has review tools to show you how Xeppo groups compare to the various source groups to give you a greater understanding of how they were formed and any discrepancies that may exist.

Group Admin

Administrator’s can easily edit or rename groups as required.

“Without Xeppo, it would have literally taken us months to link clients
​and their groups across our various systems. With Xeppo we did it in hours!”

– Greg Perks –
Perks Integrated Business Services