Xeppo Sales App

Possibly one of the most immediate impacts of Xeppo within your business is its ability to drive new business revenue.

Xeppo Sales App
  • Empower staff to actively identify leads and opportunities.
  • Leverage the data in Xeppo to identify cross sell opportunties.
  • For the first time you can data mine your business cross referencing tax, insurance, assets, income, debt to build highly targeted queries.
  • Xeppo Sales App allows for the easy creation and tracking of new Leads to your Practice.
  • You can track who and how many leads are being created within your entire business.
  • ​Once you have qualified the Lead it moves into the Opportunity Module.
  • Xeppo Sales App allows for the creation and tracking of all your opportunities across the business.
  • Opportunities can be grouped into particular “Pipelines”, where you can track the progress of the Oppotrunity through to Win or Loss.
  • Dashboard reporting​ will help you track and manage your sales pipeline.
Opportunity Finder
  • Xeppo houses a significant (and comprehensive) amount of information against your clients.
  • Leverage this data by creating Custom searches to unearth new opportunities.
  • Once you have found them, simply activate as new opportunities.
Potential Opportunities
  • Xeppo knows how important lead and opportunity generation is.
  • Xeppo has over 40 pre-built searches ready to go.
  • These potential opportunities are then linked to the relevant client.
  • All staff can review and activate if they decide it is of value.