Integration Engine

Xeppo is capable of collecting information on a continual basis from a variety of different data sources, located in different locations (cloud or on-premise). This is done via the Xeppo Application Connectors.

The Connectors have a set of rules and parameters that determine what data is loaded and how often.

The Xeppo Integration Engine then merges all of the data into a consolidated view of the client. It has a series of rules that assist with determining which data has priority over the other and how to bring the data together to be meaningful.​​

This as a result handles situations where the same client has a different e-mail address (say) across the different systems.

Once the process is complete we have a consolidated view of the Client (and their groups). The Engine will also do a series of other processes to better represent and chart client data (e.g trend information).

The final step is to push this information to wherever you need it to go. This includes Web Portals, CRM, Analytics, etc.

Integration Engine