Cloud Infrastructure

A key component of our offering is the fact that all of the services are provided through cloud based infrastructure, all located in Australia.

Our monthly fees include not only the licensing but is also an institutional grade cloud based service, giving you not only great functionality but peace of mind that your data and business continuity is in good hands.

Our cloud infrastructure is managed through our specialist partner Seek Technologies.


Xeppo takes the need to ensure your data is secure very seriously.

As a result we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the appropriate security and risk management protocols are in place.

Summary of key features:

  • Cloud based infrastructure all Australian based
  • Regular security scans (PCI compliance)
  • Data encrypted in transit
  • Data encrypted at rest
  • Data breach management complies with Australian regulations
  • Secure data centre
  • High availability capabilities
  • Disaster recovery plan and capabilities

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Additional details are available upon request.


High Availability and Continuity Features

While this section is a bit technical, we feel it is important that you have a complete understanding of just
how sophisticated and robust our Cloud based hosting infrastructure is.


The internet connections are connected to SonicWALL Firewall appliances acting in an active/passive cluster. Should one device fail, the connection will automatically failover, causing the passive devices to become active and take over the routing and firewall duties. This also allows for scheduled maintenance to take place on the routers without interruption to the Hosting environment.

Storage Area Network ​(SAN)

​The servers are all connected to an enterprise‐level Hewlett Packard 3par StoreServ SAN via multiple redundant fibre‐channel connections. Each server has multiple connections to a cluster of fibre switches – allowing each server to stay connected to the SAN in the event of a port failure on the Fibre‐Channel Host Bus Adapter (FC‐HBA), fibre switch failure or damaged/disconnected fibre‐optic cabling.

The SAN itself has multiple fibre‐channel controllers, also allowing it to stay connected to the servers in the event of port failure on the fibre‐channel controller, fibre switch failure or damaged/disconnected fibreoptic cabling.

Each disk array within the SAN is vRAID protected, allowing the arrays to continue to work in the event of multiple disk failures.

In addition to our own internal support, the SAN is under a Proactive maintenance agreement with HP, and in the event of component failure, HP will automatically dispatch an engineer with a replacement component within hours.


Our servers are connected to a distribution switch, which then has redundant connections into our core network. The core network is then fully redundant and split between two sites. Into the core we then feed in the various upstream providers that we have connections with. These connections use BGP and are designed to automatically fail across should an issue occur with an upstream.

These connections are provided by different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to eliminate any problems that might be caused by downtime of any particular ISP.

​Power Supply

Each rack within the data centre has two physically separate power feeds into it, both of which have surge protection and are backed by battery powered Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Should mains power fail an onsite diesel generator will automatically start and supply electricity until mains power is restored.

Network Switching

The routers are connected to a 40GB stack of high‐performance HP ProCurve switches. Should one switch fail or need to be taken offline for maintenance, the rest of the stack will continue to operate with no impact on network connectivity.

​Server Cluster

All Seek Technology Hosting servers are high‐performance HP ProLiant models. Individually, each server has multiple industry‐standard redundancy features:

The system disk drives are in RAID protected arrays – allowing them to continue operating in the event of disk failures

  • The Power Supplies (PSU) are installed in pairs, each connected to a different electrical feed allowing the server to continue operating in the event of single power failure and/or PSU failure.
  • The network connections on each server are teamed, and connected to multiple switches within the stack – allowing them to stay connected in the event of switch failure, network port failure or damaged/disconnected cabling.

In addition to the individual redundancy capabilities of each server, all host servers operate in a virtual cluster. This enables the hosted virtual machines to continue operating in the event of single or even multiple server failures. This also allows for the physical host servers to undergo downtime for scheduled hardware maintenance without the need to power down the clients’ hosted machines.

About Seek Technology

Seek Technology was founded in 2005 by David Marshall and David Stuart with a passion to source the latest in technology solutions and to build clients awareness of features that can enhance their business.

At Seek Technology, we have emphasis on building strong business relationships. We aim to achieve this by having open communication, an honest and skilled support team and most importantly ensuring our clients have reliable IT systems. Having reliable IT systems translates to efficient and happy staff.

David Marshall and David Stuart both have in excess of 12 years’ experience in providing IT support to businesses in the SME market, and have grown our support team to six IT consultants who share our passion.

Seek Technology has experience across many industries, and businesses that vary in size from a single site with few users to multiple sites and 100+ users. Our expertise span from supporting single server solutions to multiple servers and co-located solutions.

Seek Technology provides end-to-end solutions, which include the following:

  • IT Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Managed Services
  • Hosting Services & Solutions (Private and Shared infrastructure)
  • Forensic Services

For more information refer to their website